I wish I was her.

Not someone else but the girl I used to be.

Living in the past is such a deadly thing. It spreads internally overtaking everything you do.  You feel immobile, weak, and not in control. Irony, however is lurking in the background. Simply because one is so engulfed in what use to be that there is no enjoyment of the present or the future. Living in the past hinders progression. Hence why it is suggested not to look in the rearview mirror. When someone lives in regret the ironic piece of that emotion and time spent living in the past, is that you remain stagnate. You literally are stuck in a different time zone and in turn fall behind even more because of your mindset.

I’ve been living there for too long. I’m completely and eagerly ready for a change of mindset. I’ve allowed myself to get caught in a cycle and am catching myself blaming others. When I look back at who I use to be these were the thoughts that would rule my mind.


  1. No matter where you are at if you want to change something you are more than capable.
  2. If they don’t treat you how you want to be treated then don’t argue, just leave.
  3. Use what you have to get what you want; you have all the tools that you need
  4. One thing that you can control is how your body looks and the thoughts that flow through your mind .
  5. Sacrifices MUST be made
  6. Stay disciplined. Eliminate distractions. Stay disciplined.
  7. “Just Do It”. No excuses.
  8. Stop watching others live their lives and live yours

Literally, if I want to be that girl again, I need to incorporate these thoughts back into my mind. If I want to complain about who I use to be then I can remain right where I am.


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