Stay Ready

During one of Joel Osteen’s talks he joked around with the audience stating that if the single women in the audience knew that a husband for each of them was on his way  on a specific date they would prepare. They would be in the gym making sure their bodies’ were tight, they would go out of their way to get a new outfit for that exact date. Have their hair, nails and toes done. All with the confidence that a husband was going to arrive in their lives’ on an specific date. Joel used this to introduce his message to be confident that the blessings that God has destined for you are coming, but a need to trust the process and to trust God must occur.

I forgot about this message until I experienced this mid-twenties crisis where I feel like nothing in my life was going right if I wasn’t married. The funny thing is when I catch myself getting caught in that ugly self pity cycle what usually follows is the desire to lock myself in my room and not talk to anyone. What makes me think that this would even be slightly beneficial? When I lock myself in a room,do I think my husband will come knocking. When I stuff food in my face and fell bad for myself do I think my potential husband would be attracted?

One thing I learned while dancing salsa is that as a follow you must always be ready. Occasionally in partner work a guy may separate from his dance partner. This isn’t looked down upon in salsa it is apart of the dance experience. When a guy does this a girl isn’t suppose to beg him to dance with her again. She isn’t suppose to just stop dancing and she definitely does walk off hide in a corner and stops dancing. She does what is called a shine. It is the opportunity for the girl to show the world what she is working with, but as she is shining or dancing in her own line the guy is waiting for opportunistic time to incorporate her back into his dance. For this reason the follow must always stay ready, prepared for whatever his next move might be and just like Joel mentioned us women need to have the confidence that our husbands are on the way and in turn do what we need on our end to be ready for that day. Similarly, the same happens with dance. Once a follow is separated from their partner they should embrace and enjoy it while getting ready for the next move.

So there’s my thought ladies, we must stay ready!

One final thought. My dad told me today. “You don’t get married because of where you are, you get married because of where you are going because if by the time you get to where you are currently going you will be unhappy with the person that is beside you if they are still where you were.”





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