The phrase “stepping out of character” has always intrigued me for the simple fact that it implies that you are “in character” in most circumstances. Since this phrase is used often I would then proceed to claim that many people are “in character” the majority of time and that individuals are not authentic with who they are or how they feel.

In Western culture it is better to hide and retain emotion. Instead, individuals hoard feelings and then behind the backs of others work to sully names of people who have rubbed them the wrong way.

What I’ve recognized in African American culture and African culture is that the moment you feel some type of way you express it.

I do have an appreciation for the direct, metaphorical deliverance provided by those of African descent. This technique however does not work in this culture. However, growing up in a Western culture where it is normal to fake the funk is something that I am hoping to adopt soon for survival reasons.

On numerous occasions I have allowed for emotion to cloud my judgement. I have allowed others to take my control. On the other side of it though, I can honestly say that I’ve been honest about how I’m feeling when I am feeling it. Not evaluating this as good or bad, but recognizing that I express my emotions. With an artistic background I’m not surprised.

This does not mean that I do not need to work on myself. This does mean however, that I do need to figure out how to combine the two. I don’t want to walk around in a character. I want to be genuine, but respectful. Direct, yet graceful.


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