I no longer want to just survive..

Have you ever thought about it? Right now, this moment, this lifetime that we are in and experiencing is honestly in history one of the best times to be alive.

Think about it, at a click of a button everything is at the tip of our fingers.

Everything that our parents and their parents’ worked for, we take for granted. There were letters and landlines. We have text messages and cell phones. It took forever to be famous, now we have youtube channels. When mistakes were made typing a paper, one had to start all over again. Now we have control + Z or the “back button”.

For this simple reason, THERE IS NO REASON. NONE AT ALL, that you are not accomplishing your dreams. Don’t get me wrong. I am writing this more for MYSELF than for the world. Sometimes I need to shake myself internally and get myself together.

It frustrates me to think that when I have the desire to learn Spanish, I can Google Spanish lessons and find videos, tutors, and writings to help me master the language but  I haven’t mastered it yet. I don’t want to die knowing that THESE moments in retrospect are probably the best moments to be alive. Ancestors paved the way and we are reaping the benefits. On the other hand the future isn’t guaranteed to be better. Nothing is new under the sun. Everything is futile, everything has a beginning and an end. Life is a cycle and if this is a peak moment for society what follows is always a fall. I can’t die knowing that I had it easier than so many before me and did nothing with it. I refuse to  and I hope you join me in refusing to also. Even if you are reading this and learn tomorrow that you have one day to live (God forbid) promise yourself that you will do the best that you can IN THAT MOMENT. “In that moment” is important because your emotions vary frequently and your best when you are happy won’t be your best when you are sad.

Even if you were born in the 50s or 60s you too can join me. It isn’t too late. You are experiencing this time also…don’t use it wishing or regretting or feeling sorry for yourself.

Go for all that you want. Fail. Laugh it off. Try again. Succeed. Fail. Cry. Sweat. Fail. Succeed. Be Brave. Be Trenchant. Be Tenacious. Laugh. Laugh some more. Love. Be vulnerable. Hug. Write that book. Even if you only get to 5 pages. Improvise and make that your style. Sing, sing with confidence even if the world says you are awful. Sing until you find that someone who believes it’s music to their ears. Drop everything and travel. Tell them you love them. Tell them you are sorry. Star that business. Give. Serve. Thank. Love and Laugh more. Speak up. Share. Fail. Try again. Succeed. Cry and Laugh More.

Don’t aim to only survive. Aim to be alive.


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