Heaven and Hell

When we hear the terms heaven and hell we often visualize these fantasy worlds. In one world we envision clouds, golden streets, blue skies and golden rays of sunshine.. In another world we see a burning bottomless pit of red, orange and yellow fire…

Have you ever stopped to think though that maybe these are depictions of what the mind can experience….?

The older I get the more I realize heaven and hell are both mental places.

When the Bible speaks of “The meek inheriting the earth” I believe this can be seen in some of the most meek leaders of past times. Those individuals were the game changers, the quiet storms and the ones with the most inner peace.

On the other hand take Hitler for example…a influential leader that had no peace, murdered hundreds of thousands of people and ended up killing himself.

Heaven and hell are mental states not physical environments.

The beauty in it is that you decide which one you want to live and die in….To achieve a heavenly mental state: every thought, word and action must come from a place of love and/or selflessness; which is a form of love. Now perfection isn’t the goal here, but constant intentional effort is. To live in a mental state of hell: ensure that your actions come from a place of selfishness, the ego, anger, revenge, jealousy and so on and so forth.

People don’t believe in the fantasy of heaven and hell because it has been animated…but once you see that it is a mental state the laws to heaven seem more doable and the logic behind being meek in character is the best response in this crazy world.


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