My Purpose Is Bigger!

Who are you living for?

Often in conversation with people, I can immediately tell who they are living for. I define living for as : seeking the approval /validation of someone or the constant pursuit of a possession(s).  Some people live for their parents. Others live for their children. Others live for their spouse. Others live for their jobs and careers. Others live for money. Others live simply for the promotion of themselves.

Who or What are you living for?

The thing about living for yourself, your parents, your children, your spouse, your job, or your money is, once you get to the core of the worth in living for these people or things; it is the most futile and simplest way to live.

Bless everyone who is traveling. I love the movements that are encouraging more African Americans and people of color to travel. However, once again it is an egotistic movement.

When you get down to what everyone is doing… all that it is, is: a group of people(2 or more) who get together, to spend lots of money, doing the SAME thing just in DIFFERENT places. Doesn’t that get boring? Always taking selfies, always visiting the same stale landmarks; coming back with this temporary feeling that you are better than your peers because you can take a commercial flight to a foreign location, snap some pics and then return to a regular life of mediocracy…still feeling unfulfilled.

Many of my peers have tried to hold over me their ability to travel at will. Usually, however, what I noticed is that people who feel superior when traveling 1). Are new to it and 2). Don’t realize that since I was born that is all I’ve done so for me I know that I will travel. I don’t need to feel pressured to. I have my whole life to do so and I definitely don’t need to make others feel bad for not being able to. I am secure in the fact that traveling for me is a lifestyle that I know is an inevitable some years I travel more than often but traveling doesn’t define me.

Through watching everyone embody this movement and take this sense of extreme arrogant pride …I have been turned off from traveling. It’s watered down and to be honest people have made it extremely artificial.

This is what started to make me question what are people really living for. More importantly, what am I* living for. Now it seems like the new thing to do is to live to travel…but seriously why? Yes, you meet new people, yes you learn culture through first hand experience, but couldn’t you do that in your own town? You can’t because you make a conscious decision not to. If you realized how much opportunity existed in your city alone you wouldn’t spend loads of money searching for it in another town. What value do you truly get if all you do is travel and don’t do anything with your travel experience? It’s like learning information but never applying it.

What I am learning is that my purpose in life is bigger than myself or to live to make people feel inferior about their life. My purpose is to live for others. DESPITE what the articles say about me needing to live for myself. That is a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding that has everyone selfishly living for themselves and never experiencing true fulfillment. Yes, you have to live for yourself first. However, just like a cup that is filled to the top. Once the cup is filled there is no need to keep filling the cup. The next thing to do would fill the cup of your guest. Additionally, I WILL NOT (moving forward) live for the approval of others. That includes the good AND bad opinions they have of me. My purpose is to live for others in the sense that I want to make others feel good about themselves, about life, about their situation. I want to heal others, love others and support others. I want to give others what people never gave me because of their own hurt, jealousy, assumptions, or hate.

For instance, when I travel I want to show the world that African Americans are not violent, we have enough money to give back, and that we are healers and lovers. I want to break stereotypes even further than what has been pushed. I want to refocus our generations motivation for traveling.

As a society we are so interested in : “What’s in it for me?”

Since we are locked in this mentality we experience life but in a basic way. Parents mention often that their children are the biggest blessings in their lives. Why? Because parenting is a constant one way relationship of giving. Parents when they look back realize their whole life they have taken, but now they see the value in giving to someone who doesn’t always give back or appreciate. Parents learn that giving without the promise of return isn’t so scary and actually fulfilling.

When you travel, travel AND set aside time to volunteer. When you marry, marry because you want to bless the world with a family that loves and respects others. When you have children do so to create world changers or better versions of yourself. When you work or invent do so to help and enhance the lives of others.

It is not an easy challenge. Now that I recognized this as my purpose I fail more often and daily. However the reward is bigger and I know that with intentional consistent practice, it will be rooted in me soon and be more easy to live out. I can’t stress enough the pattern that I have realized. Meek leaders always gain the most. They give/serve willingly, they don’t waste energy on others and they have unshakeable values and an inner peace that radiates to the world. Have a bigger purpose than pleasing yourself. Go out and make the world a better place.





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