Enjoy the journey.

If you think about it , there is no real destination in life. Life is a journey that is to be experienced. There is a saying that says : we are not human-doers, we are humanBEINGS. This may appear as a cheesy life motto, but there is much relevance and truth to the statement.

When we think that life has to have a destination we fool ourselves into thinking that we have to do in order to be.

Your destination may differ from another’s. For this reason, no one should compare themselves to each other. If person a looks at their destination as having a home with a family, while person b looks at their destination as being able to buy an island; the two will take different paths and have different life journeys.

To enjoy the journey however, a destination does have to be identified. Often people rightfully so want to depend on the universe or the Creator to provide them with a step by step manual to what the world defines as success. However, what if that is not your plan, you can’t be given a road map to a place you are not going.

Hence why, it is important to look back at your life, meditate on your purpose, decide on that purpose and then seek guidance on reaching that purpose. Once that purpose is decided the how and when is unimportant. The important piece has already occurred you have identified what destination you want.

This destination cannot be one that has been given to you by parents, community leaders, your peers, romantic partners or family members.

This destination has to be one that is identified by you so that you will be fueled internally. When you use your past experiences to make a difference you are serving humanity. The universe is more likely to assist when you are doing for others.

Once you have your destination, how to enjoy the passing time is to enjoy the journey to the destination.

Preparation, reflection,visualization, faith, hope and appreciation have to rotate often while you reach your destination. All will be helpful tools to help you to the end.


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