Spiritual Battle

Despite what you think, the battle isn’t about race. The battle is not about riches. This life that we are living is a spiritual battle and every day we wake up, whether we want to believe it or not, we are at war; walking on battle grounds.

The battle is disguised in race, wealth, or political/influential power. However, at the core we are battling daily, against decisions that we consciously make and/or entertain.

Have you realized how much you can be tempted in a day?

How many times people push your buttons, how many times people attempt to intimidate you? How many times people attack your character and self-esteem? How many times people lie to each other but with a smile on their face? Steal from one another? How many times people intentionally plot against people ? How many times you could get jealous, angry, depressed, greedy, vengeful? The list goes on.

If you’ve noticed, society is literally set up so that we can be all those things and often. It enables us to be highly sexual, insecure, depressed, angry, hateful, vengeful and jealous. The news, the tv shows, the ads around the communities, social media, our jobs, and our school systems are all set up to frustrate us and make us feel less so that we are constantly chasing after a mirage that once we reach, it vanishes; appearing further in the distance than before.

When will we decide to stop chasing after the mirage? Have we not learned our lesson from our past encounters?

This life is a spiritual battle. The objective of the war is to take away your joy, your time, your focus, and your sanity.

To win the battle you must protect your sanity, your peace, your ability to love and forgive. To neglect these things, will allow for the world to swallow you whole. Holding on to just one can pull you through a dark time. However, when you give into those lower frequency emotions , in all that you do and all the time… you eventually will get caught in your own web.

These kinds of people are living, yes. Nevertheless, you can tell they aren’t alive anymore. Their spark is gone and their eyes have emptiness in them. The meet each day with stress, anxiety, depression, etc and eventually their youthfulness begins to fade and they look like what they’ve been through.

It’s a spiritual battle, that is fought internally; protect your heart because from it all life truly does flow.

K. Nkem



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