What are your soldiers doing?

Lately, I’ve been tracking what I do with my time. I realized that when I am bored, I complain about boredom, but I never have things to do. Even though prior to “being bored” I express goals I wouldn’t mind accomplishing. However, when a month passes or three months, I look up and I realize those goals weren’t met.

How does that work? Wasn’t I bored?

I noticed that I’m bored because I am not organizing my time. That is the beauty of working in an office or studying in school. Someone’s job basically is to ensure that schedules in those businesses, entities and/or organizations are made for all internal parties.

The sucky part is, who does it for us when we get home?

When we get home, it’s no one’s job but ours. Accepting this has taught me the value in managing my free time (yup adulating sucks).

As I’ve been developing this skill I realized how important managing your free time really is.

I’ve shared my opinion often on spiritual battles and my belief that we as humans are constantly battling factors that distract us from being all that we were called to be. I believe that the battle takes place in the mind. I don’t believe it is a physical battle, but a mental one.

  • If all your mind(soldiers) is doing is complaining about being bored, your soldiers will be bored and unready for battle when the time comes.
  • If all your mind(soldiers) is doing is watching trash television, your soldiers will be trash and unready for battle when the time comes.
  • If all your mind(soldiers) is distracted by the senses, your soldiers will be weak, undisciplined, and unready for battle when the time comes.
  • When your mind (soldiers) are distracted by “basic” things when life’s true challenges hit your soldiers will be unprepared.

In Proverbs 24:10 it states that:

If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

Before this verse in Proverbs 24: 5 it states that:

A wise man is strong; a man of knowledge increases strength.

This implies that strength is increased through wisdom and knowledge. If one is faint in the day of adversity their strength (wisdom/knowledge) is small.

To increase strength in adversity one must gain wisdom and knowledge.

So are your soldiers preparing for their inevitable battles of life? Or are they naïve to the realities of life and wasting precious time? In this season of my life I am realizing how crucial it is for me to control what I put into my mind. If what I am feeding my mind won’t aid in my life battles, then I believe it’s safe to say that it needs to be cut out.

Prepare for life’s battles, don’t be unprepared waiting for the inevitable.




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